First Lessons Clawhammer Banjo

by Dan Levenson
sku: 02-22258M
Book/Online audio set. An ideal book for beginners and banjo players interested in learning the clawhammer style. Explains the basics of reading tablature, right hand technique, and other elements unique to clawhammer banjo. Includes classic songs: "Little Brown Jug," "Cripple Creek," "Old Joe Clark," "Policeman," more. 40 pp.   More Details...

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  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction; Notes about the Banjo
  • Parts of your banjo
  • Reading Tablature
  • Holding your banjo
  • Tuning your banjo
  • The basic stroke - double thumb
  • Timing and Keeping Time with the metronome
  • Row, Row, Row Your Boat-I
  • Chords and Fretting the notes
  • Chords Key of G
  • Chord changing exercise-Key of G
  • Row, Row, Row Your Boat-II
  • Little Brown Jug
  • Cripple Creek
  • Let's Find Us Some Single Notes
  • Finger to Individual Strings
  • G Scale
  • Mountain Dew
  • A Basic Rhythm-Pick/Strum/Thumb
  • Free Little Bird
  • Walking in My Sleep
  • The Capo and other keys
  • The VII Chord
  • Old Joe Clark-II
  • Hammer-ons, Pull-offs and Slides
  • Policeman
  • Drop thumb
  • Grub Springs
  • Introducing the Galax lick
  • Breakin' Up Christmas
  • June Apple
  • Key of D
  • Chords Key of D; Chord changing exercise-Key of D
  • Drop thumb chord exercise; D Scales
  • Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss
  • Walking in The Parlor
  • Ducks on The Millpond
  • Modal tuning
  • Shady Grove
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  • About Dan