Fingerpicking Guitar Techniques

taught by Stefan Grossman
sku: 02-20619M
Book with online audio. Basic fingerpicking styles are illustrated in all the major keys. The technique of the alternating bass is introduced in various settings (both in standard and open tunings). The styles and techniques of Mississippi John Hurt, Rev. Gary Davis, Blind Blake, Blind Boy Fuller, Sam McGee, Skip James, Willie Brown and Tommy Johnson are explored. Note/tab. Beginner/intermediate. 24 pp.   More Details...

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  • Oh Papa
  • Death Come Creeping
  • Buck Dancer's Choice
  • All My Friends Are Gone
  • Louis Collins
  • Got The Blues, Can't Be Satisfied
  • Stagolee
  • Candyman
  • Save Up Your Money, John D. Rockefeller, Put The Panic On
  • C. C. Rider
  • Truckin' My Blues


Lesson One: Standard and Dropped D tuning. Oh Papa, Death Come Creeping, Sam McGee's Buck Dancer's Choice and Rev. Gary Davis's All My Friends Are Gone.

Lesson Two: Mississippi John Hurt's Louis Collins, Got The Blues Can't Be Satisfied, Stagolee and Candyman.

Lesson Three: Rev. Gary Davis's Candyman and Save Up Your Money, Mississippi John Hurt's C.C.Rider and Blind Boy Fuller's Truckin' My Blues Away.