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Fingerpicking Delights for the Fingerstyle Guitarist

taught by Stefan Grossman

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Book/3-CD set. A collection of six pieces written with the fingerpicking guitarist in mind. Each piece is arranged in both standard notation and tablature. An extensive 3-CD set (3 full hours of instruction) featuring note-by-note, phrase-by-phrase instruction. 24 pp.

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Lesson One
The blues ballad Shining Shadows played in the key of C and using an alternating bass with sophisticated chord voicings. Ms. Josephine Ayres is played in the key of D and was influenced by the playing of the great Bahamian guitarist Joseph Spence.

Lesson Two
When I lived in Europe I was greatly influenced by the playing of Bert Jansch, Martin Carthy and John Renbourn. The Way She Walks is a three part instrumental. The first section was written by Archie Fisher and taught to me by Martin Carthy. I put together the second and third sections. Snap A Little Owl is a John Renbourn composition with a steady walking bass played against a strong melodic lead line.

Lesson Three
This lesson presents two complex jazz-oriented instrumentals. Tightrope and Danish Drone (also recorded as Kicking Up The Dust) are both played in dropped D tuning and feature varying time signatures and complex chording.

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