Fiddle Tunes for Fingerstyle Guitar

taught by Stefan Grossman
sku: 02-99460BCD
Book/CD set. These lessons present several approaches to the challenge of arranging and playing American fiddle tunes & Celtic melodies on the guitar. Dave Laibman's arrangement of "Colored Aristocracy" features a Chet Atkins approach. "Midnight on the Water," a beautiful Texas waltz, was arranged by Duck Baker and features counterpoint lines and variations on the theme. "The West Wind" is an evocative Irish air played with a classical feel. American fiddle tunes: "Boys, My Money's All Gone" played in a Nashville style and "Last of Callahan," an arrangement using a counterpoint bass line played against the melody. Fiddle tunes from Ireland and America: "Rights of Man" and "Drunken Wagoner" both played in a dropped D tuning (D A D G B E). Note/tab. 3 full hours of instruction. 24 pp.   More Details...
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