Red Tail Ring

Fall Away Blues

2016 - "Eight original songs, three traditional interpretations, and one blistering tune. Woven together by RTR's signature instrumental variety - with guitar, fiddle, and both open-back and gourd banjos - and close harmony singing, the album spins tales of hard times, changing love, and the challenge of finding a place in the world."   More Details...


  1. Fall Away Blues
  2. Wondrous Love / Lay Aside Your Crown
  3. Love of the City
  4. Come All Ye Fair & Tender Ladies
  5. Gibson Town
  6. The New Homeplace
  7. Shale Town
  8. Visiting
  9. Camp Meeting on the 4th of July / May Day
  10. Yarrow
  11. A Ghost Whispers
  12. I'd Rather Be the Devil