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Enrich Your Playing with Dropped D Tuning - Easy Tunes in a Variety of Keys

Enrich Your Playing with Dropped D Tuning - Easy Tunes in a Variety of Keys

taught by Happy Traum

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Experience the Elderly Difference
DOWNLOAD ONLY. Here's a perfect lesson on using dropped D tuning, a beautiful and versatile way to play songs and instrumentals on your guitar. Happy shows you harmony-filled tunes in the keys of D, G and A while building your basic fingerstyle technique and increasing your musical skills.

The famous old spiritual, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, in the “home” key of D, is the perfect introduction to the chord positions and right hand patterns you'll need. Learn how to pick out melodies in the high strings while accompanying yourself with strummed chords and bass notes on the lower strings. Starting with the simplest beginner’s version, you’ll gradually build this iconic song into a full-fledged arrangement, complete with harmonies, alternate chord positions and bass lines. 

Other songs you’ll enjoy playing include:

•The funky jug band tune, Morning Blues, using a steady, alternate-thumb rhythm in D. 

•An alternating-thumb ragtime tune (Happy makes it up on the spot!) that we’ll call The Homespun Rag, in the key of G.

•The Carter Family’s wonderful waltz-time ballad, The Storms Are On the Ocean, using hammer-ons, pull-offs and alternate chord shapes in A. 

New Stranger Blues, a classic 12-bar blues, also in A,  featuring a really cool walking bass that will make it a stand-out in any playing situation.

Note/tab included. 90 min.
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