DOWNLOAD ONLY - The Roots of Robert Johnson

taught by Tom Feldmann
sku: 304-DVD855
DOWNLOAD ONLY. Tom Feldmann takes you verse-by-verse through the songs that influenced Robert Johnson's recordings. Covering a wide range of styles, techniques, keys, and tunings, this lesson will expand your range as a player and take you on the musical journey that created one of history's most lauded blues guitarists. Note/tab included as a PDF file, plus original recordings of all the tunes. Intermediate. 114 min.   More Details...

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Lead Pencil Blues

Blue Day Blues

Life Saver Blues


Standard Tuning:

  • Lead Pencil Blues (Johnnie Temple)
  • Blue Day Blues (Scrapper Blackwell)
  • Life Saver Blues (Lonnie Johnson)

Open G Tuning:

  • Police Station Blues (Peetie Wheestraw)
  • My Black Mama (Son House)
  • Roll and Tumble Blues (Hambone Willie Newburn)

Open D Tuning:

  • Preaching the Blues (Son House)

Crossnote Tuning:

  • Devil Got my Woman (Skip James)