Skip James

DVD-The Guitar of Skip James

taught by Tom Feldmann
sku: 304-DVD853SET
2-DVD set. Skip James is perhaps the most stylistically original of the blues performers from the Mississippi River Delta region, with his unusual Dm (Crossnote) tuning, haunting falsetto vocals, and an intense, variable marriage of music and text. Feldmann teaches Skip's classic 1931 blues recordings as well as a few fan favorites from his rediscovery years, "Crow Jane," "Worried Blues," "Look Down the Road" and "All Night Long." DVD two continues with two more classics in crossnote tuning and then turns to standard tuning for songs in D and E positions and ends with Skip's lone Spanish tuning (OpenG) recording, "Special Rider Blues." Includes the original 1931 recordings of the songs covered are as well as footage of Skip James from the 1966 Newport Folk Festival. Tablature is included as a PDF file. Intermediate. 234 min.   More Details...
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Crossnote Tuning:

  • Cypress Grove Blues
  • Devil Got My Woman
  • Yola My Blues Away
  • Hard Time Killing Floor
  • Cherry Ball Blues
  • Four O'Clock Blues
  • Hard Luck Child

Crossnote Tuning:

  • Illinois Blues
  • I'm So Glad

Standard Tuning:

  • Drunken Spree
  • Crow Jane
  • Worried Blues
  • Look Down the Road
  • All Night Long

Spanish Tuning:

  • Special Rider Blues