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DVD-The Guitar of Charlie Patton

taught by Tom Feldmann Charlie Patton

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Two DVD set. In this double DVD lesson, Tom Feldmann gives you a note-for-note, detailed look at 18 of Patton's most celebrated tunes. DVD One is dedicated to songs in standard tuning, covering C, E, A and F positions. You'll learn Patton's relaxed right hand strum, top tapping technique, and of course his signature licks. DVD Two focuses on Patton's bottleneck slide and non-slide numbers in Spanish (Open G) and Vestapol (Open D) tunings. Includes a detailed tab/music booklet as a PDF file on both discs, plus the original recordings of all the tunes. Intermediate. 253 min.

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DVD One:

  • Poor Me
  • Down the Dirt Road Blues
  • Green River Blues
  • Jim Lee Blues
  • Some of These Days I'll Be Gone
  • Pony Blues
  • Devil Sent the Rain
  • Shake It and Break It

DVD Two:

  • Tom Rushen Blues
  • High Sheriff Blues
  • Hammer Blues (Take 1 & 2)
  • Banty Rooster Blues
  • Mississippi Bo Weavil Blues
  • When Your Way Get's Dark
  • Pea Vine Blues
  • Screamin' & Hollerin' the Blues
  • High Water Everywhere (Take 1 & 2)
  • A Spoonful Blues
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