Blind Lemon Jefferson

DVD-The Guitar of Blind Lemon Jefferson

taught by Ari Eisinger
sku: 304-DVD808
Considering that he was the most popular male blues recording artist of the 1920s, we know very little about Jefferson. He recorded over 100 sides for the Paramount label and died in mysterious circumstances in 1929. He has had few imitators due to the complexity of his guitar playing and distinctiveness of his voice. Ari explains his technique secrets and teaches five of Jefferson's most popular arrangements - "Matchbox Blues," "Black Horse Blues," "Yo Yo Blues," "Bad Luck Blues," and "One Dime Blues." Intermediate/advanced. Includes tab booklet as a PDF file. 95 min.   More Details...
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Black Horse Blues

Bad Luck Blues

Match Box Blues


  • Matchbox Blues
  • Black Horse Blues
  • Yo Yo Blues
  • Bad Luck Blues
  • One Dime Blues