Woody Mann

DVD-The Guitar Artistry of Woody Mann

taught by Woody Mann
sku: VEST-DVD13120
Mann has absorbed so many guitar styles that he can change moods on a dime, weaving lyrical single string lines and chord harmonies that can take his tunes across the musical divides between genres. Includes: "Well Be Alright," "Little Brother," "Cheap Cherry Wine," "Snooks," "Harlequin," "Have Mercy," "Delia," "Early Hesitation Blues," "Try Me One More Time," "On Her Way Home," "Great Dreams," "God Works in Mysterious Ways" and "A Little Love And Kiss." 98 min.
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  • We’ll Be Alright
  • Little Brother
  • Cheap Cherry Wine
  • Snooks
  • Harlequin
  • Have Mercy
  • Delia
  • Early Hesitation Blues
  • Try Me One More Time
  • On Her Way Home
  • Great Dreams
  • God Works in Mysterious Ways
  • A Little Love And Kiss