Jody Stecher

DVD-The Fingerstyle Guitar of Jody Stecher: Traditional American Old Time, Blues & Country Music

by Jody Stecher
sku: 304-DVD940
Stecher's guitar arrangements are blues tinged, banjo influenced and highly inventive. They are fluid, evolving and subject to flights of improvisation in actual performance. Yet, they contain a lot that is "fixed" or repeated from performance to performance. The seven arrangements presented here are crystallizations of the motifs and patterns typically used by Jody. Five tunings and four styles of picking are presented. This practice of original expression is itself an important element of American traditional music. Titles include: "Boats Up The River," "Buddy Wont You Roll Down The Line" "Red Rocking Chair," "Old Country Stomp," "Casey Jones," "Riley And Spencer" and "Those Two Blue Eyes." 70 min.   More Details...
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  • Boat's Up The River
  • Buddy Won't You Roll Down The Line
  • Red Rocking Chair
  • Old Country Stomp
  • Casey Jones
  • Riley And Spencer
  • Those Two Blue Eyes