Ozzy Osbourne

DVD - Ozzy Osbourne - Guitar Play-Along DVD Vol. 44

sku: 49-DVD139822
Lets you hear and see how to play songs like never before. Each song starts with a lesson from a professional guitar teacher. Then the teacher performs the complete song along with professionally recorded backing tracks. You can choose to turn the guitar off or leave the guitar in the mix to hear how it should sound. You can also choose from multiple viewing options: fret hand with tab, wide view with tab, or pick & fret hand close-up. 8 Songs: "Bark at the Moon," "Crazy Babies," "I Don't Wanna Stop," "Mama, I'm Coming Home," "Miracle Man," "No More Tears," "Rock 'N Roll Rebel" and "Shot in the Dark." 164 min.   More Details...

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