Eric & Suzy Thompson

DVD - Old-Time Tiki Parlour Presents Eric & Suzy Thompson

sku: OTTP-DVD9902
Archival recording session featuring the duo with a penchant for the obscure in old-time Americana: fiddle tunes, blues, Cajun, rags. The full-length DVD includes a 12-page booklet featuring 18 songs and tunes, such as "Stop and Listen," "Rainy Day," "Kitty Puss," more.   More Details...

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  1. Stop & Listen
  2. Crowley Blues
  3. Babe
  4. Cheese Read Waltz
  5. Chinquapin Hunting / Mike in the Wilderness
  6. Aunt Caroline Dyer Blues
  7. Wade's Blues
  8. Boatsman
  9. WSO Blues
  10. Rainy Day
  11. The Old-Time Waltz
  12. Crapaud
  13. Forrest Rag
  14. Wayne Peery Waltz
  15. Spring's All Muddy
  16. Blues a Bebe
  17. Kitty Puss
  18. Podunk Toddle