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DVD - Norman & Nancy Blake: The Video Collection 1980-1995

Norman & Nancy Blake


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Performances from four concerts in various parts of the country. 23 tunes in all. 62 min.

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Ohio 1980:

  • Medley: Randall Collins/Done Gone
  • Medley: Green Leaf Fancy/Da Slickit Light/Briar Picker Brown/Stony Fork

Alabama 1984:

  • Grey Coat Soldiers
  • Medley: Knockbauer Ploka #1/#2/El Paso Waltz
  • Medley: Within a Mile/The Durham Rangers/Far From Home/Primrose Last

South Carolina 1988:

  • Jordan Am a Hard Road To Travel
  • Prettiest Little Girl in the County
  • The Little Stream of Whiskey

Iowa 1995:

  • Hangin' Dog
  • Battleship of Maine
  • Medley: The Kitchen Girl/Catlle in the Cane
  • Democratic Donkey in His Stall Again
  • The Georgia Railroad
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