DVD - Learn the Classics of Bossa Nova Guitar - Vol. 1

taught by Aaron Gilmartin
sku: 300-DVD391
DVD - Learn the Classics of Bossa Nova Guitar -  Vol. 1
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An in-depth immersion into the lush jazz chords, seductive Latin rhythms and haunting melodies of bossa nova's greatest hits. You'll learn three songs: "O Barquinho (Little Boat)," a perfect introduction to the bossa nova style; "One Note Samba" by Antonio Carlos Jobim, an international jazz standard; and "Wave" another well-known Jobim composition that's all about samba, the rhythmic underpinning of all bossa nova songs. Aaron teaches each song in measure-by-measure detail, explaining the rhythms, harmonies, syncopations, bass grooves and melodic elements that make these iconic pieces come alive under your fingers. Note/tab included as PDF file on the disc. Intermediate/advanced. 90 min.

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