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DVD - Larry Coryell's Jazz Guitar, Vol. 3

taught by Larry Coryell Larry Coryell

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In this 3rd volume of the series, Larry shows the advanced jazz guitarist sweep-picking, back-picking & playing triplets, Brazilian-oriented fingerstyle techniques, chords & bass lines in four-beat jazz, more. A detailed note/tab booklet is included as a PDF file. 83 min.

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Volume Three:

  • Sweep-picking, back-picking, playing triplets with pick and fingers, and how you can apply these techniques
  • Rhythm guitar playing, ie. with plectrum; Brazilian-oriented fingerstyle techniques
  • Chords and bass lines in four-beat jazz using just the fingers
  • Comping on John Coltrane's "Giant Steps"
  • How to solo over "Giant Steps" using harmonic "shortcuts" and unorthodox chord changes
  • Reharmonization of both the melody and so-called "blowing" changes when they differ from the melody changes
  • Complete transcription of both melody and reharmonized "blowing" changes for Charles Mingus's "Goodbye Porkpie Hat," plus tips on improvising ideas
  • Defining characteristics of advanced improvisation
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