Larry Coryell

DVD - Larry Coryell's Jazz Guitar, Vol. 2

taught by Larry Coryell
sku: 304-DVD950
This volume teaches how to create the improvised line, ascending melodic minor scales and related chords and how to apply them to standards, blues phrasing to a bebop-type of line, string bending and much more. A detailed note/tab booklet is included as a PDF file. Beginning/intermediate. 70 min.   More Details...
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Volume Two:

  • Creating the improvised line
  • Substitute chords
  • Importance of the minor/major 7th sound
  • The jazz (ascending melodic) minor scale and related chords
  • How to apply the jazz minor scale to standards
  • Repositioning chords to fit single-note fingering options within the jazz minor spectrum
  • Vocabulary of the improvised line
  • Blues phrasing to a more sophisticated bebop type of line
  • Guitaristic devices that advance the music, eg. string-bending, octaves and fingering
  • How to play/improvise on Autumn Leaves as a solo guitar performance, or within a small group context
  • More involved chords and improvisation with John Coltrane's "Moment of Notice"

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