Happy Traum

DVD - Happy Traum Teaches Fingerstyle Arrangements for Six Blues, Country and Folk Songs

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Six songs and instrumentals taken from Happy's four-star CD "Just for the Love of It" that will challenge and delight learning guitarists looking for new techniques and fresh repertoire. Happy teaches traditional blues, a timeless cowboy song, an instrumental version of a great country/pop classic and more. "Careless Love Blues," "In the Evening When the Sun Goes Down," "I Ain't Got No Home," "Things Are Coming My Way," "Spanish Is the Loving Tongue" and "Tennessee Waltz." Early intermediate. Includes note/tab booklet as PDF file on the disc. 120 min.   More Details...
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Careless Love Blues and In the Evening When the Sun Goes Down are steady-thumb blues in the Brownie McGhee, Big Bill Broonzy tradition, and are jam-packed with great licks, runs and solos.

• Woody Guthrie’s I Ain't Got No Home is a kind of “Woody-meets-Merle Travis” arrangement, based on playing an alternating bass against country-style treble picking.

• Things Are Coming My Way adds some cool single-string bass/melody, using thumb and index finger like a flatpick, along with alternating bass fingerpicking.

• Spanish is the Loving Tongue and Tennessee Waltz employ a more “classical” approach to guitar arranging using thumb and three fingers to create beautiful melodies and harmonies against rich bass lines.