DVD - Happy and Artie Traum's Easy Steps to Blues Guitar Jamming: Vol. 1

sku: 300-DVD241
There is nothing more fun than having the skills to improvise in a jam session. The trick is to have your fundamentals down. Happy and Artie have designed this lesson so even a novice can play along. Filled with detailed instruction, good songs, invaluable advice, and the techniques you'll need to trade riffs, use chord inversions, move around the fingerboard and improvise creative solos. Happy and Artie provide rhythmic backup for each song and technique. You'll learn six blues standards in the keys of E and A: "New Stranger Blues," "Key to the Highway," "How Long Blues," "Trouble in Mind," "2:19 Blues" and "Move to Kansas City." Note/tab included as either booklet or PDF file on the disc. Beginners. 105 min.   More Details...
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  • New Stranger Blues
  • Key to the Highway
  • How Long Blues
  • Trouble in Mind
  • 2:19 Blues
  • Move to Kansas City.

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