Lonnie Johnson

DVD - Guitar of Lonnie Johnson

taught by Ari Eisinger
sku: 304-DVD822
2-DVD set. In this double DVD, the first devoted in its entirety to the guitar style of Lonnie Johnson, Eisinger explores Johnson's blues style in detail, presenting stylistic hallmarks of Johnson's playing, including a discussion of left hand fingerings, use of diminished chords and Lonnie's blues playing in the Key of D. Ari teaches eight guitar breaks from some of Lonnie's best tunes. These include his instrumental masterpiece "To Do This You Got To Know How," his jazzy "Uncle Ned Don't Use Your Head," his evocative "Woke Up With the Blues In My Fingers" and "I'm So Tired Of Living All Alone," Lonnie's version of the song Skip James recorded as "I'm So Glad." A detailed tab/music booklet is included as a PDF file. Also includes the original recordings of all the tunes. Advanced. 167 min.   More Details...
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