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DVD - Guitar Artistry of David Laibman

David Laibman


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A study of the work of this fingerstyle classic ragtime guitarist, featuring performances of his own material as well as rags by Scott Joplin, James Scott, and Joseph Lamb. Including "Red Carpet Rag," "Nola," "Pandora's Rag," and more.

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  • Nola
  • Red Carpet Rag*
  • Ragtime Oriole
  • Alaskan Rag
  • Maple Leaf Rag*
  • Silver Swan
  • Gladiolus Rag
  • Dallas Rag*
  • Fingerpicking Honky Tonk
  • Pandora’s Rag*
  • Shelter In A Storm*
  • Love In The Afternoon - A Ragtone Poem*
  • Courtship Of The Squirrels*
  • Dill Pickles Rag

As a bonus, the tunes marked with an (*) have been transcribed in tab/music that can be found as PDF files on the DVD.

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