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DVD - Great Mandolin Lessons - Learn From Nine Master Players

taught by Butch Baldassari; Sam Bush; Mike Marshall; Tim O'Brien; Norman Blake; Steve James; Jesse McReynolds; Ronnie McCoury and Chris Thile

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The nine powerful lessons on this DVD, compiled from Homespun's library of lessons, represent mandolin instruction at its very best. Each segment, taught by a master of the instrument, has been chosen to give learning players new techniques, tunes and musical insights. Styles taught include bluegrass, old-time, Celtic, blues and contemporary "new acoustic." The lessons start at a beginner level and progressively get more challenging. Note/tab included as a PDF file on the disc. Beginning/intermediate. 100 min.

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  • Butch Baldassari: The Language of Bluegrass - Bill Monroe Licks
  • Sam Bush: Bluegrass and Alternate Rhythm Styles
  • Mike Marshall: Chord Scales and Exercises
  • Tim O'Brien: The Kid on the Mountain
  • Norman Blake: John Brown's March
  • Steve James: Corrina, Corrina
  • Jesse McReynolds: Ridge Runner
  • Ronnie McCoury: Quicksburg Rondezvous
  • Chris Thile: Hop the Fence
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