Stefan Grossman

DVD - Fingerpicking Delights

by Stefan Grossman
sku: 304-DVD997
Four original instrumentals in standard tuning and in different keys are taught. These multipart compositions should challenge the intermediate to advanced fingerstyle guitarist. Stefan has brought together folk, blues, country and jazz ideas to these solos. "Bermuda Triangle Exit" has three parts: a counterpoint section, an alternating bass theme and an R&B fashioned third part. "Beyond The Pleasure Dome" is played in the key of C and brings several country blues styles to a lyrical instrumental. "The Way She Walks" is next; he learned the first section from Martin Carthy and then added two additional parts. "Why A Duck" is played in the key of F and was originally recorded as a duet with John Renbourn. Stefans part stands well as a guitar solo and opens up the fingerboard to a variety of interesting chord fingerings. A detailed tab/music booklet is included as a PDF file. 105 min.   More Details...
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Bermuda Triangle Exit

Beyond the Pleasure Dome

The Way She Walks


  • Bermuda Triangle Exit
  • Beyond The Pleasure Dome
  • The Way She Walks
  • Why A Duck