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DVD - Explorations for Fingerstyle Guitar

taught by Tony McManus

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Tony teaches seven tunes that are a regular part of his performance repertoire. They are not exercises or technical studies. They are destinations, with musical value in and of themselves. Some of the tunes are in DADGAD tuning, and some are in CGCGCD or C Sus2 tuning. He covers triplets with ring, middle and index fingers, thumb technique for playing triplets on the wound strings and many other ways of bringing the guitar to this music in an authentic way. Not for beginners but neither should they be out of reach of an intermediate player with a bit of dedication. Each tune is taught phrase by phrase and played slowly on a split-screen. Note/tab included as PDF file. 115 min.

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  • The Sleeping Tune
  • Roslyn Castle
  • Kalyana
  • Le Tourment
  • Will You Come Home With Me
  • La Re've Du Que'teux
  • Sandizan
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