John Miller

DVD - Expanding Chordal Horizons

taught by John Miller
sku: 304-DVD998SET
DVD - Expanding Chordal Horizons
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Building on the foundation established in his previous set, "Intro to Chord Theory and Chord Voicing," John starts from the assumption that you have a working familiarity with voicing 7th and 6th chords up and down the neck in a variety of shapes. From there, it is a short step to hybrid 7th chords, 9th and 6 9 chords, 13th chords and chordal inversions, all dealt with in disc one. In the course of learning how to voice these different chord types, you'll also learn their sounds, and how to use them in the context of a song. John also introduces a Bossa Nova picking pattern to expand your ability to provide rhythmic accompaniment. In the PDF study guide you are provided with templates to create your own chordal diagrams for the new voicings you have been learning. Disc two further solidifies your command of the material, and teaches songs. Includes booklet as PDF file. Intermediate. 180 min.

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