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DVD - Early Southern Guitar Styles

taught by Mike Seeger

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Two DVD set. Mike Seeger teaches a wide variety of guitar techniques that were played in the rural South from about 1850 to 1930. Includes banjo-like styles, rags, blues, parlor guitar-based pieces, slide guitar styles, and many song accompaniment styles. He covers 25 songs and accompaniments, demonstrating each on 23 different vintage guitars: "Old Chisholm Trail," "Fishing Blues," "John Henry," "Spanish Fandango," "Guitar Rag," more. Each tune is played through, followed by comments on style, a basic pattern, and a slow split-screen repetition. Detailed commentary included either as booklet or PDF file on dics. Tablature for all songs plus additional comments, discographies & videographies are included as PDF files on both discs. Beginner/advanced. 3 hours 25 minutes!

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  • Arizona
  • Old Chisholm Trail
  • Johnny Doyle
  • Kenny Wagner’s Surrender
  • Fishing Blues
  • Buckdancer’s Choice
  • I’m Crazy Over You
  • Can’t Get a Letter From Home
  • Spanish Fandango
  • Weary Lonesome Blues
  • Birmingham Tickle
  • Worried Blues
  • White Oak Mountain
  • Pearly Dew
  • Shakin’ the Pines In the Holler
  • Joe Lee’s Tune
  • John Henry
  • Guitar Rag
  • Smoketown Strut
  • Riley and Spencer
  • Leaning on the Everlasting Arm
  • After All Has Been Said and Done
  • Big Kid’s Barroom
  • Black Jack David
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