Jody Stecher

DVD - Celtic Melodies for Flatpicking Guitar

by Jody Stecher
sku: 304-DVD605
The colorful tones of the guitar are well suited to the music of Ireland and Scotland. Jody has developed a unique approach to flatpicking Celtic music, drawing on the sounds and techniques of the harp, fiddle and pipes. This lesson presents a graded course starting with simpler fingering with special attention to picking techniques. Building on a base of a confident and deliberate right hand, more challenging left hand work is gradually introduced. The typical ornaments of Celtic music are shown to be manageable and effective on the guitar - including rolls, which have been thought by some to be too difficult to achieve on the instrument. Jody presents memorable tunes in the keys of G, D and A, played in either dropped-D or standard tuning. Titles include: "Reel Sheehans Ree," "Jig The Connaught-mans Rambles," "March A Trip To Mabou Ridge," "Strathspey," "The Devil In The Kitchen," "Reel Muilleann Dubh," "Reel Doctor Gilbert." 75 min.   More Details...
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  • Sheehan's Reel


  • The Connaughtman's Rambles


  • A Trip To Mabou Ridge


  • The Devil In The Kitchen


  • Muilleann Dubh


  • Doctor Gilbert