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DVD - Bawdy Blues for Fingerstyle Guitar

taught by Fred Sokolow

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The blues have always been spiced with suggestive metaphors. This collection celebrates the off-color blues repertoire. Fred shows you how to accompany yourself singing the songs, and how to fingerpick an instrumental version of each. His easy-going instructional style, tips on playing the arrangements, and slowed-down, split-screen performances make learning easy. Beginning/intermediate. Note/tab booklet available as a PDF file on the DVD. 91 min.

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Clara Smith

  • Ain't Got Nobody to Grind My Coffee

Bo Carter

  • She's Your Cook But She Burns My Bread Sometimes
  • My Pencil Won't Write No More

Bessie Smith

  • Kitchen Man

Bull Moose Jackson

  • Big Ten Inch 

Alberta Hunter

  • You Can't Tell the Difference After Dark

Amos Milburn

  • Let's Make Christmas Merry, Baby
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