Roy Book Binder

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY - An Introduction to Open Tunings and Slide Guitar

taught by Roy Book Binder
sku: 300-DVD3
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY. Roy Book Binder gives us another look at his unique brand of fingerpicked blues guitar, teaching the basics of open tunings and use of the bottleneck. He begins by exploring open D, or "Vestapol" tuning, using his original song "Travelin' Man Blues" based on traditional licks in an alternating bass style. He uses this song to introduce the slide and to start improvising on a blues scale. Then you'll learn accompaniment and lead parts to three more songs: "Never Drive a Stranger from Your Door," "Cigarette Blues," and "Electricity." Roy then moves on to open G, or "Spanish" tuning, teaching four more songs: "Palm Trees Shaking in the Night," "She Did You a Favor," "Baby Don't You Do It No More" and "Tired of Being Mistreated." Beginning/intermediate players. Note/tab included as either booklet or PDF file on the disc. 80 min.

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