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Deep End Sessions - Volume III

Ben Townsend & friends


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2015 - Third in the series from southern CA's noted old-time music venue; fiddler and multi-instrumentalist Townsend rode a bicycle from his West Virginia home to southern California's Deep End Ranch - along with his musical pal Ben Guzman - and recorded a passel of tunes with their many SoCa friends, including David Bragger, Zac Sokolow, Frank Fairfield, Kelly Marie Martin and many others.

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  1. Old Christmas Morning
  2. The Middle Ridge Waltz
  3. Passing Away
  4. Pretty Crowing Chicken
  5. Sit at Home
  6. Bibb County Hoedown
  7. Florida Blues
  8. Roaring River
  9. Tupelo Blues
  10. Lake Arthur Stomp
  11. Night Herding Song
  12. I Jumped on the Bull and the Bull Ran Across the Creek
  13. Lift Him Up, That's All
  14. Luz
  15. The Gooson Quadrille
  16. Rose Dimaggio Polka
  17. San Diego