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Blues, Rags and Hot Fiddle Tunes: Advanced Fingerpicking Guitar Techniques

by Stefan Grossman

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Solos that will challenge intermediate and advanced players. Intricate right-hand rhythmic patterns, counterpoint lines, single-string runs, and alternating bass techniques are used throughout. Many are originals, some are arrangements of music by Broonzy, Rev. Gary Davis, others. Includes 3 CDs. Note/tab, 72 pp.

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  • Cincinnati Flow Rag
  • Katz Rag
  • Lemon's Jump
  • New York City Rag
  • Religious Trainfare Blues (A Heart Much Obliged)
  • Slow Blues In C
  • Hot Dogs
  • Yazoo Basin Boogie
  • Boys, My Money's All Gone
  • Diddie Wa Diddie
  • Glory Of Love
  • Buck Dance
  • Dallas Rag
  • Black Mountain Rag
  • Colored Aristocracy
  • Shuffle Rag
  • Twelve Sticks

Blues Guitar: Slow Blues in C, Lemon's Jump, Yazoo Basin Boogie, Religious Trainfare Blues (A Heart Much Obliged)
Ragtime Blues: Diddie Wa Diddie, Shuffl e Rag, Glory Of Love, Buck Dance, Cincinnati Flow Rag, New York City Rag, Hot Dogs, Twelve Sticks

Hot Fiddle Tunes & Rags: Black Mountain Rag, Colored Aristocracy, Boys My Money's All Gone, Dallas Rag, Katz Rag

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