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Blues Piano Explorations - Two Lesson Set: Minor and Major Blues

Blues Piano Explorations - Two Lesson Set: Minor and Major Blues

taught by David Bennett Cohen

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DOWNLOAD OR STREAMING ONLY. The first lesson of this two-part video series concentrates on playing blues in minor keys. It’s packed with essential music instruction and it features blues scales, chord progressions, riffs, runs and solos that will build on any piano student’s skills and musical technique. David covers a wide range of blues styles and feels: a guitar-derived “half-clave” calypso-like rhythm; a cool slow blues; shuffles; and syncopated rhythms.

In Lesson  2, David looks at intermediate-level tunes and improvisations in a variety of major keys. David starts with a strong shuffle rhythm in the key of C, and teaches three variations that can be applied to other tunes with the same rhythmic feel. He briefly references his extensive guitar background, showing how a guitar line in the key of A can be turned into a strong piano riff. Throughout, he clearly explains the theory behind the notes to deepen your understanding of how the music works. You’ll learn songs, turnarounds, chord substitutions, a cool “Mojo” style groove, great runs and musical ideas. Note: does not include any printed music. 150 min.
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