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Blues Piano Explorations - Lesson One: Playing in Minor Keys

Blues Piano Explorations - Lesson One: Playing in Minor Keys

taught by David Bennett Cohen

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Experience the Elderly Difference
DOWNLOAD OR STREAMING ONLY. A master of rock and blues piano brings his extensive musical knowledge and experience to intermediate-level players. This first of a two-part video series concentrates on playing blues in minor keys. Packed with essential music instruction it features blues scales, chord progressions, riffs, runs and solos that will build on any student’s skills and musical technique.

David covers a wide range of blues styles and feels: a guitar-derived “half-clave” calypso-like rhythm; a cool slow blues; shuffles; and syncopated rhythms. David provides innumerable insights into blues improvisation and musicianship that will enhance every piano player’s ability to bring real depth to their music. Note: does not include any printed music. 60 min.
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