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Blues For Freida - New Ideas for Fingerstyle Creativity

Blues For Freida - New Ideas for Fingerstyle Creativity

taught by Eric Skye

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Experience the Elderly Difference
Often billed as an acoustic jazz guitarist, Eric Skye actually occupies a unique niche between traditional acoustic music, modal jazz, folk, and blues. A lifetime of musical interests has led him to a fully realized style threaded together with a healthy respect for the groove, and a passion for uncluttered acoustic tone.

In this 30-minute Homespun lesson, Eric teaches his original song, Blues for Freida, a stunningly beautiful minor-key instrumental featuring simple yet innovative chord voicings.

In his thoughtful way, Eric teaches the chords and the melody, then discusses how he approaches variations and soloing. His instruction is clear and concise and the musical lines woven throughout the piece will inspire your own arrangements of any fingerstyle guitar instrumental. 30 min.
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