Beginner's Fingerpicking Guitar: Folk, Blues and Country

taught by Fred Sokolow
sku: 02-20496BCD
3-CD/Book set. Phrase-by-phrase instruction. Lesson One: Basic fingerpicking patterns, bass runs, intermediate fingerpicking patterns, arpeggios, basic rock and blues beats. Fred teaches: "Nine Pound Hammer," "Careless Love," "Red River Valley," "Worried Man Blues," "House of the Rising Sun," more. Lesson Two: Fingerpicking syncopation, blues backup techniques, Boogie Bass pattern, turnarounds and licks. Songs: "Railroad Bill," "Hesitation Blues," "Betty and Dupree," more.Lesson Three: Country Fingerpicking, hammer-ons. Songs: "Bury Me Beneath the Willow," "Roll In My Sweet Babys Arms," "Leaning On The Everlasting Arms," more. Beginning/intermediate. 40 pp.   More Details...
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