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Basic Pedal Steel For Guitar Players

Basic Pedal Steel For Guitar Players

taught by Josh Yenne

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DOWNLOAD ONLY. In his first video for Homespun, multi-instrumentalist Josh Yenne methodically breaks down the basics of the pedal steel from a guitar player's perspective. Yenne’s clarity as an instructor shines as he walks you through the tuning, set up of pedals, use of the bar, blocking, string grips and the phrasing ideas to simplify this complex instrument. 

Multiple camera angles allow you to clearly see what he's doing to generate the iconic sounds from numerous country songs. As an added bonus, the backing tracks he's playing along with are provided separately, so you can easily practice along with the video. Josh also gives his thoughts on amplifier choices and how to use the volume pedal, which is different from how a guitar player might use it. (No TAB included) 80. min.
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