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Henry Sapoznik


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2017 - Sapoznik's banjoistic chickens come home to roost in this long-awaited return to old-time music and the 5-string; with an array of guests including Gene Yellin, Alan Kaufman, Andy Statman, Lauren Brody, Bob Carlin, Bill C. Malone and many others. "Baltimore Fire," "Smokey Mokes," Bill Monroe's "Gold Rush," an extended "Doina Medley" and lots more.

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  1. Baltimore Fire
  2. Folding Down the Sheets
  3. Smokey Mokes
  4. Are You From Dixie?
  5. Midnight on the Water
  6. Whistling Rufus
  7. The Girl I Left in Sunny Tennessee
  8. Mississippi Sawyer
  9. Gold Rush
  10. Peddler and His Wife
  11. Shebag and Shemore
  12. Snowdrop
  13. Stepstone
  14. Doina Medley
  15. Whistling Rufus (Bonus)