Autoharp Single String, 10A#, A-Model

sku: AS-AMOD-10A#
Lower octave A#, A-model, loop end, wound.  Winding length is optimized for Oscar Schmidt OS73 models. (See Details section for more info on A-model strings.)

Replacing a grommet-end strings on an OS-73?  These work fine, just as strong.

NOTE:  Oscar Schmidt no longer provides single Autoharp strings.  We are replacing them with Schreiber strings - handmade in USA!   More Details...

Only 2 pieces in stock!

NOTE: String ends on new and old A-Model harps slip over anchor pins at the wide end of the instrument. Pins are usually hidden under a plastic cover which must be removed or flipped up to change strings.

For longest wear and best tone, string windings (strings 1F - 13C#) should be as long as possible without resting directly on the bridge at either end. Winding length on this set is optimized for Oscar Schmidt OS73B & OS73C Autoharps (the black "1930's A-Model Reissue" autoharps that are still in production).

String length on the OS73 autoharps is a little longer than on the original pre-1967 instruments.  On the OS73 models, the length of the 1F string from bridge to bridge is 19".  (This contrasts with 18-1/2" on the pre-1967 models).