Antique Acoustics Replica Martin Guitar Pin Set, Style 15, 16, 17, 18 (1943-1970's)

sku: AAPS1-P14
Plain black, authentic slotted replica pins as used on style 15, 16, 17 & 18 Martin guitars from 1943-1970's. Set includes six bridge pins and one endpin. Bridge pins have a 7.6 mm head diameter, 5.6 mm cone diameter & 5 degree taper. Imported from Germany.

NOTE:  These slotted pins have the same cone diameter and taper as Martin's modern plastic bridgepins.   More Details...

ANTIQUE ACOUSTICS REPLICA MARTIN GUITAR PIN SETS - "Pre-war" Martin acoustic guitars are amongst the most prized instruments on the planet. Careful expert restoration work, when needed, is always well appreciated and very highly valued. So too, finely crafted replica parts. Now, from Germany, developed by a couple of luthiers well versed in the art of guitar restoration, comes this line of replica Martin pin sets. Meticulously crafted, these pin sets are categorized by the specific model Martin and the specific time span the pins were used on that model. Since the dating of Martin guitars is easily done with the serial number, the appropriate pin sets are easily found. These sets include six original bridge pins and an endpin. We are very pleased to offer them.