Antique Acoustics Replica Gibson Guitar Pin Set, L1, L2, NL (1930-1932)

sku: AAPS2-P1
March 2020
These cream-colored pins have been temporarily out of production for many months.  We will post any news about their return here.

Plain "aged" cream, authentic non-slotted replica pins as used on L-1, L-2 & Nick Lucas (NL) model Gibson guitars from 1930-1932. Also used on 1930's Larson Brothers guitars. Set includes six bridge pins and one endpin. Bridge pins have a 8.1 mm head diameter, 5.6 mm cone diameter & 5 degree taper. Imported from Germany.   More Details...

ANTIQUE ACOUSTICS REPLICA GIBSON GUITAR PIN SETS - That wonderfully diligent pair of luthiers at Antique Acoustics, in Germany, responsible for the Martin guitar replica pin sets have expanded their very fine line to include Gibson acoustic guitars produced between 1930 and the 1970's. Meticulously crafted, these pin sets are categorized by the specific Gibson model and the specific time span the pins were used on that model. A welcomed addition for restoration work on old Gibson guitars. Some sets are also appropriate for old Larson Brothers guitars. These sets include six "original" bridge pins and an endpin. We are very pleased to offer them. 


L1,L2,NL - 1930-1932   *you are here*
L0,L1 - 1930-1932
L,J - 1932-1938
L00,L - 1932-1941
L,J - 1938-1941
L,LG1,LG2,J45,SJ - 1942-1945
LG3,J50,SJ - 1942-1945
LG0,LG1,LG2,J45 - 1946-1970's - slotted
LG0,LG1,LG2,J45 - 1946-1970's - unslotted 
Various models - 1946-1970's - slotted 
Various models - 1946-1970's - unslotted