Brian Peters


sku: PUG-CD006
"A Cornucopia of music played on Anglo-concertina" by one of England's most noted players. "Chips and Fish," "Winder Minuets," "The Things We Said Today," "Morris Dance Tunes," "Dallas Rag," lots more.   More Details...

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  1. Kissing Stones / The Spud-Spattered Piper / Go Away Miss Ashton
  2. Farewell Manchester
  3. Chips and Fish
  4. The Northern Lass
  5. Polkas: Nymph / Babes in the Wood / The Black Cat Piddled in the White Cat's Eye
  6. Turk's March / Tom Fowler's Hornpipe
  7. Things We Said Today
  8. Winder Minuets
  9. The Entertainer
  10. Jigs: The Peasant / The Celebrated Quadrille / Matthew Briggs
  11. Adieu My Lovely Nancy
  12. Morris Tunes: Old Mother Oxford / Young Collins / Trunkles
  13. The Tankard of Ale
  14. Dallas Rag
  15. Accordion
  16. Vive La Bagatelle / Bachelors of Every Nation / Double Lead Through
  17. Sweet Sorrow