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A Stowaway Ukulele Revealed - Richard Konter & The Byrd Polar Expeditions

A Stowaway Ukulele Revealed - Richard Konter & The Byrd Polar Expeditions

by Larry Bartram; with Dick Boak

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The unlikely and compelling story of a globe-trotting, ukulele-strumming, Brooklyn sailor named Richard Konter and his famous autographed instrument. In 1926, Konter shipped out as a member of the  Byrd Arctic Expedition. As a riveted world followed their progress, Konter managed to get his ukulele aboard Byrd's plane for the first successful polar flight.

A keen contributor to history, Konter managed to obtain the autographs of more than 150 individuals, including explorers, aviators, scientists, politicians, celebrities, journalists, child members of his ukulele club, and even the Queen of Romania, all of whom respected the importance of Konter's North Pole ukulele. 

A Stowaway Ukulele Revealed details the marvelously diverse cast of characters who autographed this little instrument, presenting mini-biographies and photographs to illustrate the interconnected web of lives brought together by Konter. New archival research, interviews, and imaging all combine to make it a spellbinding read that blends biography, music, polar exploration, history, determination, courage, and romance. Hardcover. 300 pp.
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