5-String Banjo Setup and Maintenance

by Todd Taylor
sku: 49-346349
Follow along with Todd as he takes you through his easy-to-follow, step-by-step book and online video. Contains 9 chapters filled with details, techniques and over 60 photos on how to setup and keep your 5-string banjo maintained and sounding good. You'll learn how to: change the banjo head • tighten & tune banjo head • changing strings • set bridge intonation • adjust truss rod • raise & lower playing action • adjust tailpiece • sticky neck remedy • nut repair • and more.   More Details...

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  • How to Change Your Banjo Head
  • Tighten and Tune Your Banjo Head
  • Changing Strings
  • Set Bridge Intonation 
  • Adjust Truss Rod
  • Sticky Neck Remedy
  • Raise & Lowering Playing Action
  • Adjust Tailpiece
  • Nut Repair