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DVD - Learn to Play Blues Piano: Four DVD Set

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DVD - Learn to Play Blues Piano: Four DVD Set

DVD - Learn to Play Blues Piano: Four DVD Set

taught by David Bennett Cohen

Contains 300-DVD120, 300-DVD121, 300-DVD352 & 300-DVD353. From basic shuffle rhythms through improvisation, boogie woogie, slow blues and New Orleans style, David Bennett Cohen gives you complete lesson in piano blues. No music reading or previous piano experience necessary! You'll learn: scales, chord theory, turnarounds, endings and licks; bass lines, turnarounds, riffs; "New Orleans Rumba" and straight time boogie-woogie; the foot-stomping syncopations of real blues style; how to combine blues, gospel, country and boogie-woogie into a rich New Orleans gumbo, and much more. Includes either two booklets or PDF files on the discs. 90, 70, 80 & 80 min.
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