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DVD - Hot Fiddle Tunes and Rags

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DVD - Hot Fiddle Tunes and Rags

DVD - Hot Fiddle Tunes and Rags

taught by Stefan Grossman

Teaches five hot instrumentals that combine alternating bass techniques, counterpoint lines, single string runs, complex chord fingerings and rhythmic licks. These multi-sectioned arrangements illustrate how American fiddle tunes & ragtime compositions can be adapted, arranged and transcribed for fingerstyle guitar. Includes note/tab booklet as a PDF file. Intermediate/advanced. 79 min.
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The DVD of this title must be special ordered. The download of course, is available right now!

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You can purchase lessons for each song separately as a DOWNLOAD ONLY:

Black Mountain Rag

Dallas Rag

Katz Rag

Boys, My Money's All Gone

Colored Aristocracy

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  • Colored Aristocracy
  • Boys My Money's All Gone
  • Dallas Rag
  • Katz Rag
  • Black Mountain Rag

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