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Guitar From Scratch, the Sequel

Guitar From Scratch, the Sequel

Guitar From Scratch, the Sequel

by Bruce Emery

The newest book by Emery is filled with his trademark humor and clear explanations. While "Guitar From Scratch" was all about chords, this follows a general progression from chord-based information to single-string playing, culminating in a crash course in reading notes. Beginning with "Stupid Chord Tricks" (the slang of the guitar), then to passing chords, shape-shifting and, finally, single note lines. Reading music is taught with as little pain as possible. Companion sound clips available online. Spiralbound, 86 pp.

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  • Stupid Chords Tricks involving:
  • The G chord
  • The G7 chord
  • The D chord
  • The A chord
  • The C chord
  • The Am chord
  • The F chord
  • The E chord
  • The Em chord
  • The E7 chord
  • Anchor Chords Revisited
  • Drone Chord Progressions
  • Passing Chords
  • G to Em
  • C to Am and Beyond
  • Various others
  • Major-Major 7th-7th
  • Shape-Shifting:
  • C Shape
  • D Shape
  • G Shape
  • A Shape
  • E Shape
  • Bass Runs:
  • Key of G
  • Key of C
  • Key of E
  • Key of A
  • Hammer-ons
  • Actual Examples
  • Single Note Lines:
  • Alternate Picking
  • Position Playing
  • Actual Examples
  • Major Scale Summary
  • Fun With Pentatonics
  • E Minor
  • A Minor Up the Neck
  • Any Key
  • Twelve-Bar Blues
  • G Major
  • C Major
  • Advanced Strumming
  • Damping Pattern
  • Three-over-Four Pattern
  • Getting to Carnegie Hall
  • Note Reading
  • Note Values
  • Letter Names
  • Open Strings
  • First String
  • Second String
  • Chord Tie-in
  • Combining the First Two Strings
  • Third String
  • Fourth String
  • Fifth String
  • Sixth String
  • Rests

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