Understanding Chord Progressions for the Ukulele

taught by Fred Sokolow
sku: 304-DVD708
When you understand a song's chord structure, you're not just memorizing letter names; in fact, you can play the tune in any key. In this lesson, Fred draws from several musical genres (rock, blues, jazz, pop and country) to illustrate many standard types of chord movement and song structures. You'll learn about chord families, the twelve bar blues, circle-of-fifths changes, diatonic chord movement, more. Along the way you'll learn how to play and comprehend the progressions of many classic tunes: Stand By Me, I Got Rhythm, Your Cheatin' Heart, St. Louis Blues, Like A Rolling Stone, All Of Me, Alice's Restaurant, Five Foot Two, Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone, more. Fred's easy-going instructional style makes learning easy, and many of the musical ideas presented are written out in note/tab with diagrams on the included PDF file. 93 min.

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