Ruth Barrett & Cyntia Smith

The Heart Is the Only Nation

sku: AEOLUS-CD005
1993 - "Original songs and instrumentals celebrating the Earth's seasonal cycles and Goddess mythic imagery" from this popular dulcimer duo. "Tree Lessons," "Reverence to Her," "Apples of Avalon," 16 in all including Austin John Marshall's "Dancing at Whitsun."   More Details...


  1. Ocean Queen
  2. Apples of Avalon
  3. Partings
  4. After Rain
  5. Tree Lessons
  6. Bridget
  7. Reverence to Her
  8. The May Queen is Waiting
  9. Dancing at Whitsun
  10. Zambra
  11. Aeolus, the Wind
  12. Romp of the Canyon Kitties
  13. Hestia of the Hearth
  14. Blessing Song
  15. Summer, Summer
  16. The Heart is the Only Nation