Ruth Barrett

Garden of Mysteries

sku: DATR-CD006
2008 - Tenth album from this fretted dulcimer artist, songwriter and singer. Some original songs plus songs from Lorraine Hammond, Les Barker, Robin Williamson, Mark Simos and others.


  1. Quiet Mist of Morning
  2. Garden of Mysteries
  3. Black Sarah
  4. Majorcan Dance
  5. Earth
  6. Archibald McDonald of Kippoch
  7. Nimue's Whisper
  8. Shoshone Love Song
  9. New Crone Rising
  10. The Circle is Unbroken
  11. Lady Mother of All
  12. By Her Light Invocation
  13. A Shapeshifting Song
  14. Fresh Flowers
  15. Lullaby for Amanda

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